The Line Diet - Rails Rumble 2009 Aug 23 2009

I’ve just completed my Rails Rumble contest entry for this year. I took a very focused project, and built it as a single solo developer. I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

The site was inspired by a recent post over at about “The Steve Ward” diet (see Kottke’s source article from Philip Greenspun, it’s a good read… and not actually about dieting).

After reading about this simple diet strategy (it’s nothing more than a graph paper of your daily weight), I decided to try it for myself; it works. I’ve lost 8 pounds in about 3 weeks. My success is mostly due to more frequent and longer trips to the gym–the motivation for that has come directly from the accurate daily feedback you get from this plan.

The web site is a slightly more sophisticated version of the paper-and-pen version Steve Ward describes.

Update: I’ve decided to leave The Line Diet site operating.

Update 2 (2013): The Line Diet has become an official Idea Foundry project at Culture Foundry. Expect a new design soon and more updates to come.