The Implications of Treating the Internet Like a Hard Drive Feb 21 2008

Bruce Schneier on the implications of treating the Internet like a hard drive. As we rely on others to maintain our writings and our relationships, we lose control over their availability. Of course, we also lose control over their security, as MySpace users learned last month when a 17-GB file of half a million supposedly private photos was uploaded to a BitTorrent site. I was wondering about another aspect of this same topic yesterday.

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Update Row Values in MySQL Based on Order Clause

Say you have a database table which contains an integer sort order column, but it’s incorrect. Perhaps you forgot to sort before creating the records. Let’s say you have another column which, when sorted, would produce the correct order. You can use that column to fix the sort order column in pure SQL. Here’s an example using the MODX CMS, which has a menuindex column (the sorting column), and a pagetitle column.

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Which Modules Implement a Drupal Hook?

Working on a deep-dive Drupal rescue project, we encountered an enormous mess of modules, and needed to know which of those modules were related to Ubercart checkout features. On a related note, the full list of available Ubercart hooks is here.

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