Jan 27

What's My Software Worth?

A prospective client recently asked this in regards to a proposed build for their startup. I know an accountant who would say, “it depends,” although he says that in response to just about any question.

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Jan 06

F.A. Hayek on Software: A Response to Tim Bray's 'Doing it Wrong'

Tim Bray’s post on how enterprise systems are “Doing it Wrong” just triggered a realization for me. This whole agile vs. whatever debate has been a kind of red herring for a much larger argument about how businesses themselves ought to operate.

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Aug 23

The Line Diet - Rails Rumble 2009

I’ve just completed my Rails Rumble contest entry for this year. I took a very focused project, and built it as a single solo developer. I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

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Aug 14

Why Windows Vista's Privilege Escalation Fails

There’s no question that Microsoft Vista’s User Access Control System fails in its principle goal (which is presumably to make users think twice before installing suspicious or unfamiliar software on their computers).

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Feb 21

The Implications of Treating the Internet Like a Hard Drive

Bruce Schneier on the implications of treating the Internet like a hard drive. As we rely on others to maintain our writings and our relationships, we lose control over their availability.

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